Creating resilient communities: it can’t happen without #DEI

Getting started with codes of conduct

To foster resilience, codes of conduct should ideally be co-created, which helps build equity, a sense of purpose, and a mutual understanding of the need and contents of this code of conduct.

  1. Open the conversation. Take a few minutes to discuss your findings in a large group share-out.
  2. Map your values. Go back into smaller groups (3–5 participants) and take about 15' to co-create value maps, identifying both individual and team values. Ask participants to chose the most relevant values, the ones they consider are non-negotiable in a community. The result should be about 3–5 values per group. Combine and merge them into a single list.
  3. Prioritize these values. Using a rating method, such as Borda counting, ask participants to prioritize the values listed in the previous step. At the end of this activity, you should have a set of 3–4 main values.
  4. TRIZ method. Now that you have worked together to identify the most important values for your community, it’s time to play “the bad guy” and think about what could sabotage these values. To do that, you’ll use the TRIZ method:
    a. Go back into smaller groups and brainstorm about this challenge: How might we sabotage these values?
    b. Take a look at that list and ask yourselves: Is there anything we’ve experienced or that we are currently doing that in any way, shape, or form resembles these items?
    c. Finally, go through the items of that second list and think about actions: What guidelines or steps do we need to protect these values?
  5. Discuss your findings in a large-group share out and consolidate your list of actions and principles.
  6. Finally, take a few minutes to brainstorm your individual commitment or pledge to protect these values. Ask yourselves: What can I commit to doing to protect these values and guidelines?



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Resilience in media

Resilience in media

Let’s talk about #BuildingResilience in news. We believe in diverse, equitable, inclusive & adaptable newsrooms that foster meaningful conversations.